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5052-O aluminum plate for air conditioning九游app安装

Now air conditioner become essential, very effective solution to the summer at every house,Its role is self-evident. With the develop of economic continuously increasing, the quality of life has been better driven, and the purchasing needs of air conditioner in market has increasing. 5052-O aluminum plate is common aluminum alloy material is used for air conditioner. Meanwhile, user who consult price on the market are more and more.

5052 aluminum plate九游app安装

Application of 5052 aluminium plate

Due to 5052 aluminum plate add element Mn, reduce the tendency to produce weld cracks , improve welding speed and increase the strength of base metal. Good forming performance , corrosion resistance, solderability, good fatigue strength and moderate static strength of this aluminum plate, which is used on manufacturing air conditioners, fuel tanks, LCD backplanes, tank materials, door panels, high voltage switch housings, etc.

5052 aluminum plate

5052-O aluminum plate price for air conditioning九游app安装

When we hear the problem, watch the market, you will hear questions about 5052-O aluminum plate for air condition one by one. We can see 5052-O aluminum plate for air condition plays more and more important role at industry.

In view of the relatively direct user problem, How much is 5052-O aluminum plate ? First of all, it must be combined with the user’s specific specifications, such as the product status, specifications and thickness, followed by the manufacturer of your choice, Finally, the current market background during the purchase phase. But, What is the specific price of 5052-O aluminum plate for air conditioning? Users are also required to consult the specific 5052-O aluminum plate manufacturers of air conditioning.

5052 aluminum plate

Calculation of 5052-O aluminum plate price for air conditioning of aluminum plate manufacturers

The price of the 5052-O aluminum plate for air conditioning is related to product specifications, market and sales model.

1.Product Specifications

5052 aluminum plates are in different states and prices are different. For example, the 5052h32 aluminum plate and the 5052-O aluminum plate have different states, and the processing methods are different, and the price is naturally different.


The price of aluminum ingots is affected by market fluctuations. The price of Mingtai aluminum plates in is mainly based on the price of Changjiang A00 aluminum ingots plus processing fees on the day of shipment. The price of aluminum ingots will rise, and the price of aluminum sheets will also rise, otherwise vice versa.

3.Sales mode

The prices of factory direct sales, distributors, and wholesalers are also different. Mingtai Aluminum is an aluminum plate supplier, factory direct sales, sales one-to-one mode, reducing unnecessary costs, and the price will be lower.

5052 aluminum plate